About the Maasai language

The Maasai (Kenyan English: [maˈsaːɪ]) are a Nilotic ethnic group inhabiting southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. They are among the best known local populations due to their residence near the many game parks of the African Great Lakes, and their distinctive customs and dress

Distribution Masaai Bibles​

There are many people in Tanzania who are either partially or completely visually impaired.
This audience is forgotten and cannot easily get reading materials, especially Scriptures.
This project aims at providing Swahili Bible Portions in Swahili and English New Testaments in Braille for people with visual disability(PVD). We have a large stock of Swahili Braille Portions which we could not distribute to PVD due to high costs of distribution considering their wide spread in the country and the

bulkiness of the Scripture material. This project therefore aims at distributing available 1,000 Swahili Braille Portions and 40 copies of English Braille New Testaments. The English Braille New Testaments will be ordered from Compass Braille and are earmarked for students in Secondary Schools for the blind. The Swahili portions are for the whole literate PVD community which also includes pupils in Primary Schools.

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Get Involved

You can get involved in availing a Bible for the Maasasi community by;

Buying a Bible for an individual or Church. BSK can deliver the Bibles on your behalf. Each Bible costs Ksh 870.

BSK is currently running a literacy programme in Maasai which aims at empowering communities with literacy skills to enhance Scripture knowledge. Your support will go a long way in reaching this community with God’s word.

1Man aye nyiŋ awobe pa Icrael ma yam gubino i Ejipt kacel ki Yakobo, kun ŋat acel acel bino ki jo nia i ode: 2Reuben, Cimeon, Levi, Juda, 3Icakar, Jabulon, ki Benjamin,

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Nia 1:1-3
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